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PilotPak™ | Databases for the entire aircraft, for a single annual price.

PilotPak PilotPak™ provides all the databases within a selected package (Lite, Standard, Heli, Standard + Garmin FliteCharts, Heli + Garmin FliteCharts, Standard + Jeppesen JeppView [See Note]) to be used with a G2000, G1000, G1000H, G950, G900X, or any combination of GTN, G600, G500, G500H, G3X/G300, G3X Touch, or single GNC/GTR nav/comm installed in one aircraft, all for a single, annual price. For example, with a PilotPak Standard Americas subscription, you can save 20% with a single GTN or 61% with the inclusion of a G500 when compared to purchasing annual subscriptions to each database. When Garmin’s FliteCharts are included, the savings on a single GTN 750 amount to 36% and when combined with a G500, you save over 67%! Whether you have one or more of the qualified avionics, you still save and pay the same price for the selected package. So the more Garmin avionics you have, the more you save!

Only the Lite, Standard, Heli, Standard + Garmin FliteCharts, and Heli + Garmin FliteCharts packages can be purchased and downloaded at Additionally, Standard and Standard + Jeppesen JeppView [See Note] can be purchased and downloaded from Jeppesen’s website,

Simple Savings

Single GTN 750 GTN 750 & G500 GTN 750, GTN 650 & G500 Dual GTN & Dual G500 G1000
Individual Annual Americas Subscriptions $1,165 $2,420 $3,675 $4,840 $1,450
New PilotPak Standard Americas $934 $934 $934 $934 $934
Savings 20% 61% 75% 81% 36%

Step One: Choose a PilotPak™

Lite Standard Heli Standard + Garmin FliteCharts Heli + Garmin FliteCharts Standard + Jeppesen JeppView [See Note]
Garmin Obstacles X X X X
Garmin Obstacles with Power Lines X X
Garmin SafeTaxi X X X X X X
Garmin Terrain X X X X X X
Garmin Airport Directory X X X X X X
Garmin Basemap X X X X X X
Garmin FliteCharts X X X
Navigation Data X X X X X
Jeppesen JeppView [See Note] X

Step Two: Choose a Region

Lite Standard Heli Standard + FliteCharts Heli + FliteCharts Standard + JeppView [See Note]
US $534 NA NA $972 NA Available from Jeppesen
Americas $684 $934 $1,134 $1,122 $1,324
International $734 $997 NA $1,234 NA
Worldwide NA $1,284 NA $1,760 NA

Step Three: Purchase, and update as usual.

Now that you know which PilotPak you'd like, go to the aircraft you'd like to purchase it for and buy it now!

When payment is complete, the Order Receipt page will provide a "Download Now" button. Click the "Download Now" button and complete your purchase by selecting the database regions. Once that's done, you can install the databases as usual.

Note: Optional Garmin ChartView is required to display Jeppesen JeppView charts. Please contact your dealer for more information for your panel mount equipment. Portable customers can learn more by visiting ChartView Key Feature.