Training Opportunities

Instructor-led Training

Scheduled Training Classes

Scenario-based training with hands-on interaction on real equipment. The Live Class Calendar shows the scheduled GTN and G500/600 training courses. If you do not see a class that fits your schedule or if the classes are full, please submit our Training Request Form and we will contact you.

Request a Training Class

The Garmin Aviation training team has the ability to support training requests for the G1000, G3000, and G5000 systems, or for those unable to attend a scheduled GTN & G500/G600 course. This is highly dependent upon instructor availability, training aids, and other resource considerations. For additional information or assistance with coordinating a course, please submit our Training Request Form and we will contact you.

Regional Training Opportunities

Garmin will be providing some regional pilot training opportunities at various locations and major aviation events across the U.S. Stay tuned for announcements concerning training sites and dates.

Web-Based eLearning Courses

Take full advantage of the features and capabilities of your Garmin device with Garmin eLearning. Garmin eLearning provides in-depth instruction enabling you to be better prepared and confident for your flights. The eLearning courses will guide you through scenarios, which will help build your understanding, proficiency, and confidence with the Garmin avionics systems. Access the eLearning courses immediately using a computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access. Garmin eLearning is available as a 2-year subscription and Garmin eLearning receives periodic updates ensuring the most recent avionics software versions are available.

  • Available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. So you have access anywhere.
  • Tracks your task completions and progress throughout the course-ware.
  • Multi-media content, such as task demonstrations, and interactive device simulation.
  • Allows trainers to monitor student progress; helpful if used in flight school.
  • Includes the ability to bookmark content and a journaling feature to record notes for review at a later time.
  • Generates reports and completion certificates for enrolled courses.

Aviation Manuals and PC Trainers

Pilot’s guides provide detailed information on the features, functions, and capabilities of the specific avionics equipment the pilot must know when flying the aircraft. An understanding of pilot’s guide information establishes the foundation upon which the eLearning and instructor-led training are developed and delivered.

  • Retrofit installations: Garmin provides free electronic pilot's guides for all retrofit installations, including the GTN and G500/600.
  • Integrated flight decks: Contact your aircraft manufacturer for pilot's guides for integrated flight decks such as the G1000, G3000, and G5000 systems.

Garmin also produces select PC and iPad trainers to use when learning to operate Garmin avionics. The trainers simulate the behavior of the system user interface and provides you with a safe environment to learn the basic operation of the system.