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G300, G3X, GPSMAP 696 SD Card Update Instructions

  1. After installing your databases to the SD card on , take the card to the GPS and insert it into the SD card slot (locations are shown below).

  2. Power on the display. The “Update Databases” page will appear. (If the “Update Databases” page does not appear, go to the “Database Information” page on the display and press the Update DB softkey.) A green check mark indicates that the database is already installed and up to date. An empty checkbox indicates that the database on the SD card is more current and should be installed.

  3. With “Update All” highlighted, press the ENT key. The databases which are not up to date will be installed and a progress bar will appear.


    Move the FMS Joystick to highlight a single database to update, and press the ENT key. This will update just the database highlighted.

  4. When the updates are complete press the RESTART softkey. Verify on startup that the databases are now current. The SD card can then be removed from the unit.

  5. For the G300 and G3X repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining GDU’s (Garmin Display Unit).

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