OnePak™ | Databases for the entire aircraft, Garmin portable and Garmin Pilot™ - all for a single annual price.

OnePak database subscriptions offer databases for all compatible Garmin avionics in a single aircraft for one low annual price. In addition to databases for the avionics, the purchase of a OnePak subscription also provides you with databases for one compatible Garmin portable aviation navigator. Compared to purchasing individual annual subscriptions to each database type for each device, OnePaks can offer significant savings.

Each OnePak features the Garmin Navigation Database for the specified coverage area. Data such as instrument procedures, frequencies and airport data are included in this database, which is valid for VFR and IFR flight. Garmin Navigation Database coverage currently encompasses North and South America (please consider a PilotPak if you fly outside of these areas). Together with other included Garmin databases, the Garmin Navigation Database makes OnePaks a trusted and convenient path to incorporate the latest database information within compatible Garmin avionics.

Consider pairing a OnePak with the Flight Stream 510 for the most cost effective and hassle-free database management experience available.

OnePak Types and Content

Standard Heli Standard + Garmin FliteCharts Heli + Garmin FliteCharts
Garmin Navigation Data X X X X
Garmin FliteCharts X X
Garmin Obstacles X X
Garmin Obstacles with Power Lines X X
Garmin SafeTaxi X X X X
Garmin Terrain X X X X
Garmin Airport Directory X X X X
Garmin Basemap X X X X
Garmin IFR/VFR Charts X X

Note: We're continuously working to expand OnePak coverage. For additional coverage options and options with Jeppesen® charts, consider a PilotPak.

Compatible Avionics and Portable Navigators

  • G2000/G3000/G5000®
  • G1000®/G1000H/G1000 NXi/G1000H NXi
  • G950®/G950 NXi
  • G900X®
  • GTN™ Navigators
  • GNS™ WAAS and non-WAAS Navigators
  • G500/G600/G500H
  • TXi Flight Displays
  • GPS 175/GNC® 355/GNX™ 375
  • GI 275
  • G3X™/G3X Touch
  • GNC 255 Nav/Comm Radios
  • GTR 225 Comm Radios
  • aera® 500 series
  • aera 660
  • aera 760
  • aera 795/796
  • GPSMAP® 696

Purchasing a OnePak

Complete OnePak pricing and coverage area information can be found for your aircraft on flyGarmin. If you haven't purchased databases from Garmin before, you may need to create a free Garmin account, set up your aircraft and add your Garmin avionics to it. Once you have purchased a OnePak, you may be asked to "redeem your OnePak" to finalize database region selection. From there, you will be ready to download and install your databases.

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